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At Randall Landscaping, we use a Finn bark mulch blower to install bark mulch in homes and businesses throughout the Merrimack Valley and Southern New Hampshire.  

Bark mulch blowing provides a smooth and clean application of mulch to your planting beds. It allows us to spread mulch on virtually any terrain such as steep slopes, hillsides, rooftops, interiorscapes and inaccessible or remote areas up to 300 feet away. Most importantly, bark mulch blowing installation can save you time and money.

Mulch installation can improve the appearance of your landscape by giving it a complete and finished look. It enhances the beauty, color and texture of your landscaping beds. Traditional methods of spreading mulch with wheelbarrows, shovels and pitch forks, can be very messy and time consuming. By using a bark mulch blower there is virtually no mess to clean up and mulch can be installed in a fraction of the time. In addition, bark mulch blowing eliminates tracking mulch on the lawn or damaging the existing landscape with foot traffic and wheelbarrow ruts.
One of the most important attributes of mulching is the long-lasting affect it has on the health and protection of the soil, trees, plants and flowers it shields and safeguards.  Mulch protects soil from baking and drying out by altering the soil temperature and serving as an insulator to accommodate the surfaces needs in both summer and winter seasons.  It also serves in the reduction of soil compaction by acting as a buffer layer from heavy rains, equipment and people.  Mulching is extremely important in reducing the growth of weeds and other soil-borne diseases from intruding plants.  Mulch also adds nutrients to the soil which helps improve the soil structure and plant growth. One of the best advantages of mulching is its ability to retain soil moisture allowing water to penetrate the soil, reduce evaporation, prevent erosion and drought and minimize the need for manual watering.  This is especially crucial in times of dry weather and as an effort to reduce manual labor.

Randall Landscaping provides bark mulch blowing services to all of our residential and commercial customers, as well as other landscape contractors and builders throughout the Merrimack Valley and Southern New Hampshire.

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